Operation Status

Terms of use of Orderfood.vn e-commerce transaction platform

I. General principles

The ORDERFOOD.VN e-commerce transaction platform is owned by VietLink Media Joint Stock Company. Orderfood.vn, which includes a website and mobile app, provides services of food and beverage delivery from restaurants to customers. The project aims at foreign customers who live and travel in Vietnam.

Customers will be able to order the best quality food at the right price at restaurants/ food stores. They are also provided information about restaurants and food in customer's languages (English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese); supported by a customer service team who have good command of foreign language communication, help foreign customers to access special dishes from famous restaurants in Vietnam as well as overcome language and culture barriers.

Orderfood.vn promises to be a potential channel to help restaurants / food stores have more potential customers who have good affordability and high loyalty. Restaurants do not have to pay any fixed expenses and not directly work with foreign customers. Orderfood.vn's professional and enthusiastic staff will assist in dealing with arising issues such as receiving purchase order, changing orders or informing out-of-stock items ...

In addition, in case restaurants do not have their shipper team, Orderfood.vn will support the delivery service.

II. General rules

General definition

Members: are individuals and organizations demand for online ordering of food and beverages. Members must register to declare their personal information in accordance with the law; officially recognized by the management board of Orderfood.vn e-commerce and authorized to use services by official recognition of registration procedure accomplishment of Orderfood.vn.

Partner restaurants/ shops: are individuals and organizations demand for advertisement and purchase of food and beverages on Orderfood.vn.

Products: food and beverages are traded on Orderfood.vn e-commerce fulfilling conditions of food hygiene and safety, not being in the case of business ban and advertising prohibition in accordance with the current law by restaurant partners.

The management of Orderfood.vn e-commerce includes staff of the VietLink Media Joint Stock Company. They are mainly responsible the management and operation of OrderFood.vn e-commerce.

Restaurants / food stores take full responsibility for all services and products they provide to their customers.

Members who must register for initial listing of their relevant personal information are officially recognized by the management board of Orderfood.vn e-commerce and authorized to use the service provided by Orderfood.vn.

All contents of this regulation must comply with the current legal system of Vietnam. Participants in joining in Orderfood.vn e-commerce must learn themselves about their legal responsibility for the current law of Vietnam and commit to strictly comply with the provisions of the Orderfood.vn.

III. Transaction process

Process for members:

Step 1: Select a region in Hanoi city, then select districts where members would like to be deliveried to.

Step 2: Members refer to list of restaurants / food stores they want to order, click on the name of the restaurant / food store they want to order, then choose the food / beverage they want to order.

Step 3: Fill in the Member's delivery details, then click "Order Complete"

Orderfood.vn will contact members for delivery to the address specified by the members.

Process for restaurant / food store partners:

- Restaurant/Food Store Partners sign a cooperation contract with Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company to register on Orderfood.vn e-commerce.

-  Orderfood.vn e-commerce provides Restaurant / Food Store counterparts an administration account on the system to track orders placed by Members.

In addition, restaurant partners can also send their emails to address ... or call 18006934 to post the restaurant’s menu freely.

- The partner restaurant is legally responsible for its contents and information on OrderFood.vn.

Transportation process

When members order food from partnercrestaurants/ food stores listed in the list of  Orderfood.vn e-commerce, Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company will forward the orders to partner restaurants. The restaurants / food stores will deliver the goods to the place within a specified time, except for special requests from members. In case restaurants / food stores do not deliver, Orderfood.vn staff will be in charge of delivery. If the delivery time is longer than expected, the restaurant/food store partners or the company will attempt to contact members immediately for notification.

Confirmation / Cancellation Process

Customers can cancel orders through Orderfood.vn’s website, Orderfood.vn’s mobile app or by calling hotline 18006934.

In case of necessity, Orderfood.vn’s staff will call to confirm with customers.

Dispute and complaint resolution process

 Orderfood.vn e-commerce is always responsible for receiving and handling complaints, support customers related transactions at Orderfood.vn e-commerce.

When disputes arise, the company promotes the negotiation and conciliation among parties and takes the following steps:

Step 1: Customer members complain about products of providers via email or call center 18006934.

Step 2:  Orderfood.vn e-commerce customer care team will receive customer member complaints and take specific measures to resolve disputes.

Step 3: In case of problems are outside the ability and authority, the management of Orderfood.vn e-commerce will require customers to bring these cases to the competent state agency to resolve in accordance with the law.

IV. Payments

V. Information management

Members and partner restaurants are responsible for timely notification for Orderfood.vn e-commerce when they detect unauthorized or unlawful use, breach of confidentiality, retention of registered names and passwords of the third party to take appropriate measures.

Members and restaurant / food store counterparts do not use the services of  Orderfood.vn e-commerce for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening purposes or purposes of illegal information exploration; destroy, generate and distribute viruses that cause damage to the system, configuration and information transmission of  Orderfood.vn e-commerce. In case of breach, members shall be responsible for their acts before the law

Without the consent of Orderfood.vn, members must not change, modify, assign, copy, distribute, provide and create services which are similar to the services of Orderfood.vn e-commerce for a third party.

The management board of Orderfood.vn e-commerce has a mechanism to review and check daily and continuously news of products and services posted on Orderfood.vn. The management board of Orderfood.vn e-commerce reserves the right to decide whether to keep or remove news posted on the website or mobile app without notification to all products and services that violate this policy and are in the list of service products banned transaction.

VI. Responsibility for technical errors

Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company will endeavor to keep the service system running continuously throughout the day. In case the service system has problems that may make the Orderfood.vn fail to forward orders as usual, Orderfood.vn e-commerce shall not be liable for any legal obligation for invisible and tangible damage occuring to restaurant partners. Orderfood.vn e-commerce will attempt to fix in order to return to normal operation as soon as possible.

VietLink Media Joint Stock Company has no obligation to maintain the service system as the system is introduced to the partner restaurant. We reserve the right to suspend, change, upgrade or modify services at any time.

VII. Role of Orderfood.vn e-commerce management board

Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company will provide a Service System that will allow the partner restaurant to reach available and potential customers. All customers can order through Oderfood.vn’s website or mobile app provided by Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company.

Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company simply forwards orders to restaurants / store partners or supports transportation for restaurant/food store partners as required.

Vietlink Media Joint Stock Company will not engage in business activities of restaurant/food store partners except for the responsibility to transfer orders via Orderfood.vn e-commerce to partner restaurants. Orderfood.vn e-commerce is not responsible for preparing food and delivering for customers. Orderfood.vn e-commerce has no obligation to control business activities of restaurant/food store partners; therefore, Orderfood.vn will not be responsible for any legal obligations to business services of restaurant / store partners. Orderfood.vn e-commerce will not guarantee the validity of the contact information, the existence of customers nor the confirmation of the intent or behavior of any customer. Orderfood.vn e-commerce only transfers ordering information from customers to restaurant / store partners or support shipping products from restaurant/food store partners to customers.

VIII. Request for restaurant/food store partners

Restaurant / store partners must have required licenses and business certifications to run the business operation and provide services and products advertised on OrderFood.vn at all times.

Partner restaurants /stores must ensure that all information posted on OrderFood.vn or provided for VietLink Media Joint Stock Company… for the purpose of promoting on OrderFood.vn is correct and honest. Restaurant / store partners also need to ensure that their products and services meet standards and requirements according to the information posted on Orderfood.vn e-commerce.

In case restaurant/food store partners are in charge of delivering themselves their products to customers, the restaurant / store partners must commit to manage to deliver the goods in accordance with the time announced on Orderfood.vn e-commerce. In the case of late delivery beyond their reasonable endeavor, the restaurant partners will contact customers directly to reach an agreement in a specific delivery time. The restaurant/food store partners will try not to refuse orders.

The restaurant / store partners will commit to perform all work reasonably with their own capacity to resolve any inconsistencies with their customers related to products and services provided via Orderfood.vn e-commerce.

Restaurants/ stores must comply with prices of products posted on Orderfood.vn e-commerce accurately with prices at the restaurant/food store partners.

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