Complaints Resolution

The process of resolving complaints in e-commerce is as follows:

Step 1: Members can send their comments or complaints via email ... or send letters through posts to the address headquarters of e-commerce. For the fastest and the most convenient way, members can call directly to hotline: 18006934.

Step 2: Upon receipt of complaint letters, e-commerce will place an investigation, verification, analysis and evaluation of the complaint letter of the members.

Step 3: Once complaint problems are clarified, e-commerce will summarize information and base on regulations in order to process and respond complaints of customers.

Step 4: e-commerce will have reply documents or reply to members through other means such as email, telephone and fax. If complaints are complex and require more time to resolve as well as respond to members clearly, e-commerce will contact the customers directly to extend the response time.

Step 5: Finish

1800 6934